Our Services

We choose doctors who bring specialist skills to Kyneton so we can offer you a wide range of services close to home. We know you probably don't want to travel to Bendigo, Melbourne or Sunbury to get the services you need. Our GPs can help steer you in the right direction, if you need specialist help you can be referred to an on-site allied health professional, with substantial Medicare rebates.

General Practitioner Services

At Campaspe Family Practice we take pride in the depth of experience our GPs bring to Kyneton. Our GPs can provide treatment for a wide range of medical concerns but we are also proactive with preventative health solutions. 

We like to identify problems early so we recommend annual health checks. An annual health check involves spending around one hour with a nurse and then meeting with your GP. This typically assesses cardiac risk factors, lung function, fasting pathology, diet, depression, weight and pre-diabetes factors amongst others.

Allied Health

You may not realise it, but if you have a chronic disease, you can access various allied health services through Medicare with substantial rebates or no out-of-pocket costs to you at all, and all onsite at Campaspe Family Practice.

Even if you're not under a Chronic Disease Management plan – you can still access our allied health professionals for their usual fee.

The allied health services available for consultation at the Practice are:

·      Psychologists
·      Child psychologist
·      Physiotherapy  
·      Speech pathology
·      Podiatry
·      Sleep studies
·      Pacemaker checks

Just speak with your doctor about these services and a referral can be made if needed.


Our doctors can refer you to a psychologist or other service to help you with bereavement. A link to a local bereavement service can be viewed here.

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Chronic Disease Management Plans

If you suffer from a chronic condition (a condition that persists for more than six months), we can help you manage this through our Chronic Disease Clinic.
Some conditions that we can manage are:

·      Diabetes
·      Hypertension
·      Asthma
·      Coronary heart disease
·      Osteoporosis
·      Haemochromatosis
·      Obesity
·      Arthritis - Rheumatoid/Osteo

Under a Chronic Disease Management Plan, you can access five allied health services per calendar year through Medicare with substantial rebates and sometimes no out-of-pocket costs to you at all.

This includes physiotherapy, chiropractic, dietetics, diabetes education, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, osteopathy, podiatry, psychology, speech pathology and more.

We can refer you directly to internal allied health professionals right here at our Practice. These services will be bulk billed through Medicare's Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) scheme.

Please note this cannot be arranged through a standard appointment and must be managed through our Chronic Disease Clinic. To check your eligibility please have a chat with your doctor.

Men’s Health Checks

We offer comprehensive men's health checks anytime and we recommend a check-up annually. Medicare funds fully comprehensive health checks if you are aged 75 years plus (home visit if required) and between the ages of 45-49 as a one off.

Tests a GP health check may include are:

·      Comprehensive cardiovascular assessment (assessing heart disease risk)
·      Lung function assessment
·      Bowel Cancer screening
·      Prostate Cancer screening
·      Skin Cancer screening
·      Comprehensive eye examination
·      Mental health assessment
·      Impotence management

Minor Operations

Minor operations can be performed onsite at Campaspe Family Practice. These include the removal of skin cancers, toenail resections (ingrown toenails) and dealing with lumps and bumps.

Exercise Physiologist

An Exercise Physiologist specialises in the benefits of exercise to help patients get fitter for all around good health, and to treat patients with a medical condition through exercise.

Women’s Health Checks

We offer comprehensive women's health checks anytime. We recommend a check-up once a year. Medicare funds fully comprehensive health checks if you are aged 75 years plus (home visit if required) and between the ages of 45-49 as a one off.

GPs can do gynaecological checks and pap smears. GPs can do insertions of contraception such as Mirena insertion (IUD) and Implanon (3 year contraceptive device implanted under the skin of your arm). They can also advise on menopausal management and give hormone replacement advice.  

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Campaspe Family Practice works with Melbourne Pathology, Victoria’s leading pathology practice providing fast and accurate results. This service is available onsite.


We recommend Sunbury Physiotherapy. Please see their website for more details here.


Campaspe Family Practice has a range of specialist equipment our onsite health professionals can use to assess and monitor your condition. These medical services are in Kyneton, taking away the need for you to travel.

Listed is some of the specialist equipment available at Campaspe Family Practice:

·      ECG (Electrocardiogram)
·      Spirometry for lung function testing
·      Venous Doppler (ABI) to assess cardiovascular health
·      24 hour Holter Monitor for 24-hour heart rhythm tracing
·      24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor for reading blood pressure
·      Slit-lamp Opthalmoscope for detailed eye examination
·   Dermatoscope for skin cancer assessment
·   Cardiac Defibrillator.